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Write code once for our omni-channel interface. It works with many other messenger platforms.

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Key-value database is included in a plan. Store and use data with a simple method.

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from import BaseBot
from bothub_client.messages import Message
from bothub_client.decorators import channel

class OrderBot(BaseBot):
    def default_handler(self, event, context):
        message = Message(event).set_text('Nice to meet you!')\
                                .add_quick_reply('Show menu')

Write a chatbot with BotHub.Studio SDK.

You get a robust massive messaging, logging, analytic, database facilities with no additional efforts.

* For now, we supports python3 only. Python2, nodejs coming soon.

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Pricing Plans

  • Ads included1
  • 2 Bots
  • 5k Bot-messages2 / MO
  • -
  • Sleeps on idle
  • Community Support
  • Ad free
  • 5 Bots
  • 15k Bot-messages2 / MO
  • -
  • Never sleeps
  • E-mail Support
  • PRO
  • Ad free
  • Unlimited bots
  • 50k Bot-messages2 / MO
  • $1 per addl. 3k interactions2
  • Never sleeps
  • E-mail Support

1 Ad message includes 'Powered by...' menu item and a user could get a coffee-ware style donation request per 2~3 day.

2 A Bot-message means a message that a bot send to a user no matter how many trivial incoming webhook events or outgoing updates are there.

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